Top Technology Trends Shaping Education in 2015

July 23, 2015 by AVTEQ No Comments
Image by LifeSize

The textbook and classroom lecture are quickly becoming a thing of the past as technology transforms the educational landscape into a collaborative, hands-on, global experience for students of all ages. This change toward collaboration is driven by advancements in technology that allows education to extend beyond the classroom walls, students to become more engaged, and instructors to deliver a more personalized education. As classrooms become more active and engaging, the audiovisual industry continues to advance technology to suit today’s classrooms. Some of the most recent technological advancements in education include: • Interactive projectors and displays that support multiple users with multiple touch points, such as the RICOH Interactive Whiteboard. • Audiovisual systems that allow for wireless collaboration between the teacher and his/her students. • Cloud-based conferencing systems that enable educators and students to connect in a Skype-like video chat from any device with a web browser, without the need for […]

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New height-adjustable office furniture designed for comfort and productivity

February 26, 2015 by AVTEQ No Comments

Last fall, we introduced height-adjustable TeamSpace™ Float at NeoCon East.  We were excited about how well this product was received, and increased our efforts to expand our height-adjustable product line. Today we announced the availability of several new products in our growing height-adjustable Float family. The Float Desk can be easily adjusted from sitting to standing height with a push of a button. The controller, mounted under the desktop, has the option to set up to 3 preprogrammed settings for heights anywhere between 24″ to 48″. “Research has shown that alternating between sitting and standing during the day can have huge health benefits, and we thought it was important to address that feature in our product line,” stated Aaron Rubner, director of A/V sales. “Our Float Series of height-adjustable desks and tables are a great addition to our existing AV and collaboration furniture.” The Float desk is available in two […]

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Meet Nathan Scherer – AVTEQ’s New Sales Associate!

December 1, 2014 by AVTEQ No Comments

Our sales team is growing, and we are very pleased to introduce our newest addition – Nathan Scherer.     As a brief introduction, Nathan has shared some fun facts about himself:  I was born and raised in Indiana, with that being said, I am a HUGE Indianapolis Colts fan. (Us Cowboys fans won’t hold that against him!)                                                                                 I have spent most of my career in retail management, from home theater to home improvement.  I enjoy traveling whether on a plane or on a cruise ship. I have traveled to Mexico, Jamaica, Belize, Honduras, and Dominican Republic, to name a few.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I […]

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Meet the Newest Member of Our Team!

August 20, 2014 by AVTEQ No Comments

We are excited to introduce you to our newest addition to the AVTEQ sales team.  Please meet  DeeDee DeVoe. To help you get to know DeeDee just a little, we asked her to share a few fun facts: I have three very LARGE crazy dogs. Totally consider myself the crazy dog lady! I say I have been in the AV industry my whole life, because I would answer the phones at my dad’s office when I could barely speak.  I LOVE to travel. I have been all over the world including, Italy, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Mexico. Plan on Spain next!  I enjoy cooking, even working on becoming a girl who grills. (Got a new gas grill)  I have danced all my life, jazz, tap, ballet, clogging, African dance. You name it, I have done it! Welcome DeeDee!

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VIDEO: “Parks & Recreation” Parody by ScanSource

July 11, 2014 by AVTEQ No Comments

Some people may think the A/V industry is dull and boring. But we know better! ScanSource, one of our premier partners, has shown that its staff has a sense of humor as well as exceedingly good taste in A/V products!

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AVTEQ Continues Winning Streak at InfoComm

June 30, 2014 by AVTEQ No Comments

ELT-1500 Slimline AV Stand Awarded Most Innovative Videoconferencing Furniture Product For the third consecutive year, AVTEQ has received the SCN InfoComm Installation Product Award.  This year, our ELT-1500 Slimline AV Stand was awarded the 2014 Most Innovative Videoconferencing Furniture Product.  Previously, our Communications Pedestal (2012) and Slimline Pedestal (2013) won Most Innovative Equipment Rack/AV Furniture Product. Leading up to InfoComm, we were anxiously awaiting the news on whether we won the category this year.  We were thrilled to hear the announcement at the award ceremony, and proudly displayed our award at our booth during the show. You may wonder how the product finalists are selected.  The SCN judging is comprised of high-level contractors and consultants who select the top three finalists in each of the 14 product categories. SCN’s readers then vote on the products in each category to determine the winner. “We are honored to receive the SNC InfoComm Product […]

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Telehealth Case Study: The Rise of Cartzilla

June 10, 2014 by AVTEQ No Comments

Customizing our carts is one of the best things we are asked to do.  We love the challenge of meeting the customer’s needs and the innovation required to create something new.  Here’s a great example of our carts in a telehealth environment. CHALLENGE Atlantic Video Corporation was approached for a custom solution for its customer, Spring Hill Memorial Hospital in Mobile, Alabama.  The hospital was looking for a videoconferencing solution that allowed surgeons in the Catheterization Surgical Suite to communicate with others in a conference room on another floor within the hospital.  They wanted the option of selecting four different views of the surgery from the conference.  In addition, they wanted the option to move the displays to other locations within the hospital. SOLUTION After reviewing the requirements, the first step was to select the best mobile cart to support four large LCD displays.  The AVTEQ GMP-350L was the best option […]

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Videoconferencing Hits the Bar

May 8, 2014 by AVTEQ No Comments

In the world of billable hours, it comes as no surprise that the legal industry discovered the power of technology early on to increase productivity, client connections and competitiveness. While the use of videoconferencing is helping businesses everywhere, those in the professional services industry are leveraging its ability to keep them in front of clients across town and around the world without leaving the office. Productivity Smart comes in all shapes and sizes. Video technology has opened up precious new efficiencies for attorneys and their clients by reducing or eliminating travel time while increasing visual collaboration between attorneys, their clients’ and specialists. Videoconferencing has a way of keeping valuable resources in-house and on-schedule.  When you are out the office, mobile phone apps now provide capabilities that give you the flexibility and opportunity to conference wherever you are. Legal Procedures Law firms now commonly use the videoconferencing to increase face-to-face client […]

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Tips on Preparing for Videoconferencing

April 29, 2014 by AVTEQ No Comments

As common as videoconferencing is, we often overlook how valuable a bit of preparation can be to our effectiveness on camera. Whether chatting with friends and family or on a videoconference for work, it is always a good idea to know how to present yourself in the best light. Set Design Getting your videoconferencing “set” organized in advance of your next videoconference goes a long way to your professionalism and the audience’s ability to focus on what you have to say. Spend a few minutes sizing up exactly what your audience will see. Keeping the area simple and clutter-free allows your audience to focus on you without distraction.  If you have doors or windows behind you, consider closing them to reduce interruptions or unexpected noise. If you have posters, artwork or a white board behind you, consider whether they compliment or distract from the audience’s view. Lighting To make videoconferencing […]

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“Show Us Your AVTEQ” Photo Contest Winners

April 24, 2014 by AVTEQ No Comments

We received some awesome photos of our AV furniture during the “Show Us Your AVTEQ” photo contest.  It was difficult for our judges to select the top three entries with so many photos from which to select. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for consideration, and a special congratulations to the top three winners. First Prize Reseller:  Solutionz Conferencing – Roseanne Cohen Customer:  School-Based Healthcare Project Product:  TMP-600 Telemedicine applications continue to grow, and Solutionz created a custom TMP-600 for this state-of-the-art nurse’s office.  They equipped the AVTEQ cart with custom mounts and peripherals to deliver primary care services in school clinics.  Our judges loved this photo of the school-based healthcare project.   Second Prize Reseller:  VSGi – Mark Hirst Customer:  Texas Health Resources Product: Mark Hirst from VSGi won kudos for the most creative photo submissions.  Our judges loved the fact that AVTEQ’s RPS-800 was featured alongside some […]

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