New LifeSize Icon Series

February 6, 2013 No Comments by AVTEQ

User-friendly, intuitive videoconferencing

In the age of the smartphone and tablet, users have learned to navigate technology in a new, simple way — with icons, widgets and apps. Unfortunately, all technology has not kept up with the changing speed. Videoconferencing, for example, is one technology, that has fallen behind.

Until now, that is. LifeSize recently announced the new LifeSize Icon videoconferencing series. Building on the user-interface of the smartphone, LifeSize has created a videoconferencing suite that operates in much the same way. Users are guided by easy-to-understand icons on the screen, simplifying the videoconferencing process.

According to LifeSize, the new videoconferencing series “is the culmination of years of user-behavior research and corresponding purposeful design to alleviate common barriers to adoption that have plagued the videoconferencing industry.”

Complex videoconferencing technology has hindered the growth of the industry. We are busy people, and videoconferencing should simplify the collaboration process, but many videoconferencing systems bring confusion and frustration to users, occupying valuable time to simply learn how the system operates.

“Making a video call should not involve pressing a dozen buttons, deciphering a complicated remote control and navigating through an intimidating user interface,” said Colin Buechler, chief executive officer of LifeSize. “It is those barriers, along with outrageous cost and an overwhelming burden on IT, that have dissuaded businesses from fully adopting video collaboration.”

In this article on, Ellen Hawes Durbin, Product Marketing Manager, gives five reasons why the LifeSize Icon Series is “Smart Video.”

  1. It is easy enough for anyone to use without training.
  2. It contains lots of infrastructure applications, without the hassle of traditional videoconferencing.
  3. It gives users a “heads-up” experience, meaning nearly all operations for the system are on the screen, rather than a remote.
  4. It allows users to place video calls with name-based dialing, rather than IP, SIP and bridge numbers.
  5. Users are able to utilize “smart scheduling” to track all meetings from within the interface, rather than referring to emails or calendar invitations.

“The Icon Series puts the experience back in the hands of the users and the complicated technology disappears,” said Buechler. “LifeSize Icon Series is reinventing video conferencing by answering the call of what this industry has needed since its inception: a radically simplified user experience that any organization can embrace. That’s smart video.”